Why are Dental Implants Best for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Are you trying to find the best way to fix broken or missing teeth? In that case, go with dental implants. A metal rod is surgically anchored to your jawbone to ensure your new teeth stay in place. The patient may easily eat and speak afterward due to the durability of the implant.

Getting dental implants from our dentist in Yaletown, Vancouver, has many advantages. Discover what they are now.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are necessary if you have misplaced teeth but cannot get dentures, crowns, or bridges. It is important to replace a misplaced tooth since the consequences of extracting or missing a tooth only to not do anything about it could get worse over time.

Furthermore, there are many cosmetic benefits; dental implants greatly impact how your mouth works as a whole. It preserves a healthy bite by firmly keeping the tooth in position, maintaining a firm jawline, and reversing bone loss. If the jaw isn’t rebuilt following a tooth extraction, it may begin to deteriorate; this occurs because of chewing’s initial protection of the jawbone through pressure and stimulation.

If you are conscious of how your smile feels and looks, cosmetic dental therapy can help; a prominent example is getting dental implants near you. Your quality of life will be positively impacted by your capacity to smile without pain or difficulty.

Preparing for Implants

Before getting a dental implant, it’s important to receive a thorough examination from your dentist near you. If necessary, begin an antibiotic course. Next, prepare the body for the actual surgery. If needed, get the jaw ready. Lastly, plan some rest and get ready for aftercare.

Why Choose Implants to Treat Your Smile

Prevent the Loss of Bone

Empty regions in your jawbone can cause the bone in those areas to degenerate due to a lack of stimulation. Additionally, if the space left by the extraction is not filled in after a year, the bone can lose up to a quarter of its original volume and this will only worsen over time.

It is strongly advised that you receive dental implants in Yaletown Vancouver to restore stimulation and stop the loss of jawbone volume to avoid this.

Match Well with Natural Teeth

Many times, missing teeth prevent a person from smiling. Because of this, dental implants have gained popularity among the general population. A full set of teeth that looks natural will brighten your smile and help you make a positive first impression.

Effectively Restores Bite Force

Implants, just like natural teeth, are secured in your jawbone. They will aid in the prevention of bone deterioration, improve your speech, and let you chew food with ease.

Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of implanted teeth is identical to that of natural teeth. Daily tooth brushing and flossing are required.

In addition, your implants won’t require additional restorative work due to their strength. With that said, gum disease can still cause damage. A good way to prevent any such issue from occurring with your dental implants is to visit your dentist biannually and brush and floss every day.

Suitable for Nearby Natural Teeth

Other tooth-replacement systems, however, can weaken nearby teeth. Dental implants don’t cause any harm to your surrounding teeth and prosthetics. For instance, when a dental bridge is used, the natural teeth on each side of the space created by the lost tooth must support it. This may put stress on those nearby teeth, making them more vulnerable to decay. Implants are independent tooth replacements that are not held in place by the natural teeth next to them.

At Greenwoods Dental Vancouver we are dedicated to assisting you and your family with your oral health. Call us now if you have questions regarding your treatment choices if one or more of your teeth are missing.