What Symptoms Indicate a Root Canal is Needed?

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The majority of individuals believe that getting a root canal is the most traumatic and painful dental procedure. However, this treatment helps to alleviate the intense pain and discomfort caused by damaged teeth. Don’t let false gossip or horror stories deter you from getting the assistance you need. 

One concern that frequently crosses people’s minds is what causes pain and when this treatment should be considered.  Read this blog to understand when to consider root canal treatment near you.

What is a Root Canal?

During this procedure, your teeth’s pulp and soft tissues are removed. In the case of a tooth infection, the pulp, which consists of nerves, and blood vessels,  may sometimes include bacteria. Pain and toothaches can be relieved after the removal of this nerve tissue. This procedure is mostly used to cure dental cavities to avoid suffering and further damage to your teeth. Your dentist near you may suggest root canal therapy if they determine that you are constantly in excruciating pain and discomfort.

What Causes a Root Canal Infection?

You might need root canal treatment for a number of reasons. It is highly considered when you suffer from extreme pain and hypersensitivity. Here are some signs and symptoms that indicate the need for root canal treatment: 

1. Tooth pain that doesn’t go away

Your root canal infection may cause you to feel quite uncomfortable. The pain gets more severe when the infection spreads to other areas of the mouth, teeth, and jawbone.

2. Sensitivity to heat and cold

Following your root canal procedure, you can feel extremely hot, cold, or biting sensitivity issues that are challenging to settle down.

3. Swollen gums

One of the most common signs of a root canal infection is swollen and irritated gums. Normal tooth swelling occurs around the infected teeth, but if the infection spreads, it may also cause gum inflammation.

4. Pimple on the gums

The most unpleasant symptom of a root canal infection is dental abscesses. Dead pulp and bacterial components accumulate near the tooth’s tip beneath the gums, resulting in pus-filled pockets and pimple-like sores on the gums. 

5. Swollen jaw

Your face and neck may experience tenderness or swelling tissues close or behind the teeth, which can seriously cause pain and discomfort in your jaw.

6. Tooth discoloration

Following your treatment the tooth’s inflammatory pulp, where blood vessels break and stain the tooth with blood.

7. Loose tooth

Sensitivity can be felt as a result of loose teeth, which is very common. This symptom shows that your nervous system is still functioning. This condition should only last a few days following your treatment; however, if you experience it for an extended period of time, it may result in serious dental problems.

If you have questions or concerns about getting root canal treatment in Yaletown Vancouver, we invite you to contact us when you can. 

Symptoms That Might Indicate the Need for a Root Canal

Signs that indicate the need for root canal treatment include: 

  • Chip, Crack or hole in your  teeth 
  • Extreme toothache while eating or applying pressure on teeth 
  • Pain and swelling in the gums 
  • Swollen jaw
  • Dental abscess
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Exposed nerves 


Root canal treatment involves removing infected pulp from inside the roots of teeth. It is considered to treat toothaches, abscessed teeth, and painful cracked teeth. If you experience pain caused due to any of these conditions contact our Yaletown Vancouver dentist to determine the right treatment option to address your dental care concerns. 

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