What are the Benefits of Having Dental Implants?

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Many patients who experience tooth extractions may be looking for a way to restore and enhance their smiles. In the past, one of the most common restorative options was a pair of dentures, but these are no longer the only solution for damaged or missing teeth.

Dental implants in Yaletown, Vancouver, have made the lives of multiple patients easier by permanently repair their smile. An implant consists of a prosthetic tooth or dental crown that is attached to a titanium structure which is inserted into your jawbone. The artificial root will fuse with the bone and act as a natural tooth root. This will provide the necessary support for the new crown attached to the implant through an abutment.

Although this procedure may sound complicated and painful, local anesthesia will be applied to minimize any discomfort. Our dentists in Vancouver will ensure the procedure is carried out with the utmost care and that every patient feels comfortable throughout this journey.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth is never pleasant. It can affect the mouth’s natural functions and a patient’s confidence. Receiving dental implant surgery is a permanent solution to missing teeth. If you qualify for this treatment, there are many reasons to consider getting implants from your dentist in Yaletown Vancouver and these include:

1) High Success Rate

Patients who qualify for dental implants tend to have a highly successful procedure, with a success rate above 95%. While some medical complications can occur during the procedure, these are unlikely, and your Yaletown dentist will perform surgery carefully to ensure the chances of any failure remain minimal. Overall, failure rates are very low for healthy patients who qualify for this process.

2) Semi-Permanent Solution

Your implants can be treated just like your natural teeth and can serve you well for a lifetime if they’re taken care of. Due to the material that they’re fabricated from, the implant screw will not decay. Patients should still follow a good hygiene routine to keep the gums around the implant healthy, as a gum infection can negatively affect the implant. Caring for your gums will improve the artificial teeth’s durability and ensure they do not fall out.

3) Natural Results

The dental crowns attach to the implant is custom-made for every patient to match their remaining teeth and create an imperceptible result. Your new implants will allow you to enjoy the functionality of a natural tooth while also restoring your smile and improving your confidence.

4) Restores Chewing and Speaking Ability

Dental implants help preserve your jawbone. Over time, the titanium implant and your bone fuse; this is known as osseointegration. As a result, you’re provided with a very firm foundation for teeth, an extension, you’ll be able to eat and speak without worry.

5) Improves Facial Features

Without any root support, the jawbone may become weak and unable to support any remaining teeth. This can lead to noticeable facial sagging. A patient who is missing most teeth and does not choose to get them replaced may notice changes to their facial structure due to no bone support.

Are Dental Implants the Right Solution for You?

Greenwoods Dental Vancouver offers dental implants near you, and our dentists can help you determine if you qualify for the procedure. With all its benefits, dental implants may be the ideal solution for you! Contact our dental clinic today to book a consultation appointment and begin your smile restoration journey.