How You May Avoid the Most Common Mistakes During Dental Emergencies

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Facing any dental emergency in Yaletown Vancouver, such as damages to your teeth through some misfortune or an injury to your gums, can be quite dangerous. Ignoring it can result in some serious dental health problems. You may permanently damage your teeth or gums, which will eventually lead to an urgent seeing of an emergency dentist near you in any case.

We all face situations where you mistakenly bite into something hard, or you went out engaging in one or the other sports activity and knocked out a tooth. That is when you urgently get hold of a dentist near you who can accommodate you between other appointments they have for the day.

You may be able to save your tooth by taking immediate action and getting emergency dental treatment within the next hour.

It is to your benefit and very important that you or a family member immediately contact a dentist who deals with emergencies of this nature whenever you experience a severe gum injury or severe damage to your teeth.

Actions You Can Take Before Contacting an Emergency Clinic or Dentist

You can take various steps to avoid the most common mistakes when faced with a dental emergency.

Following are some of the do’s and don’ts so you may make life easier on yourself:

    • Cracked or Lost Filling: Get hold of sugar-free gum and chew it before you place it firmly on the crack in your teeth or temporarily replace the lost filling. Ignoring this precaution may lead to a lost tooth.
    • Broken or Chipped Tooth: One should do your best to salvage any pieces of your tooth. Do not mistakenly grab your tooth by its root, but ensure that you hold the broken tooth by its crown. If possible, rinse your mouth using lukewarm water so you may remove excess debris from your mouth. This way, you may prevent swallowing any pieces of your chipped or broken tooth.
    • Do Not Ignore Bleeding Gums: Do your best to stop the bleeding by applying some gauze to the affected area. You can also use a cold-press the minute you notice any swelling. Keep your broken tooth in a glass of water to ensure it stays moist so the dentist in Yaletown Vancouver can put it back.
    • Avoid Being Careless with Broken Wires or Braces: These can result in serious injury to your cheek, gum, or tongue. Carefully push the wire until you feel more comfortable. You can also make use of either an eraser or a pencil.
    • Do Not Ignore Infections or Abscesses: Ignoring it will result in serious consequences. The poison may spread to other areas of your body if you do not deal with it immediately.
    • Never use Super Glue to Fix Fallen Crowns: Rather, take the fallen crown with you when you go to the emergency dentist in Yaletown Vancouver. Apply some clove oil to the affected area using a cotton swab if you experience pain. Do not make use of superglue to reattach the fallen crown.
    • Taking Soft Tissue Injuries Lightly: It is a mistake to reason that your dentist can fully care for soft tissue injuries. Taking the necessary precaution beforehand is still the best way to speed up healing. Rinse your mouth using a lukewarm salt-water solution. Apply gauze to the bleeding area. Teabags can also be used. Ensure you hold it firmly in place until the bleeding stops. Place a cold press on the outside area of your mouth if you notice any swelling there.

    Fortunately, there is always a trusted dental clinic available such as Greenwoods Dental Vancouver, ready to take care of any dental emergency you may have.