Can Teeth Be Added to Partial Dentures?

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If you are missing teeth, you likely deal with some challenges, such as difficulties with eating and speaking. You may also feel self-conscious and reluctant to share your smile. Dentures are restorative dental appliances that are created to replace lost teeth and restore your appearance and functionality. In addition, dentures can be made to match your natural teeth, providing you with a natural-looking smile.

Kinds of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures offered by our dentist in Yaletown Vancouver:

Partial dentures: these are restorations that replace one or more missing teeth, but not all of your natural teeth. Partial dentures are either made out of a metal framework or supported by your natural teeth. Partial dentures can either be fixed or removable.

Complete dentures: complete dentures near you are offered when all your teeth are missing. They are made out of a colored plastic base and support an entire set of teeth.

Do Dentures Look Natural?

As mentioned above, dentures are able to provide patients with a natural look. This is because dentures are made out of porcelain materials that closely resemble natural tooth enamel. Therefore, when you choose to get dentures, your dentist near you can customize your dentures to suit you, providing you with a natural appearance.

Can Partial Dentures be Made into Full Dentures?

If you already have partial dentures and now need complete dentures in Yaletown Vancouver, worry not. Partial dentures can be changed into complete dentures through certain procedures and using certain materials, such as:

Acrylic resin repair: these are self-curing acrylics that are available in powder and liquid form.

Auto polymerizing resin: these are made of a polymer in a powder form and a monomer in a liquid form.

Clear matrix template: this is a clear material used in the posterior and anterior sections during conversion.

Why People Choose to Convert Their Dentures

Many people find that partial dentures feel awkward in their mouths. In addition, partial dentures can become loose and often require relining within the first four years of receiving them. They can also make it difficult to speak in comparison to complete dentures.

Complete dentures are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. They allow patients to speak with clarity, enhance smiles, and are easily maintained. As well, complete dentures are a cheaper restorative option than alternatives, such as dental implants and dental bridges.

Looking After Your New Complete Dentures

After you get your complete dentures, you should do the following to keep your dentures clean daily:

  • Soak your dentures in cold water
  • Avoid soaking your dentures in hot water as this can cause damage
  • Store your dentures in an adhesive gel
  • Brush your dentures with soap and warm water using a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Place your dentures in a glass of denture cleaner
  • Rinse your mouth on a daily basis to clean off any plaque and debris

There are many drugstore products that you can purchase to help you care for and clean your dentures.

Visit Greenwoods Dental Vancouver

If you already have partial dentures to help restore your smile due to missing teeth but find that they feel uncomfortable in your mouth or that they just aren’t what you imagined, contact our team at Greenwoods Dental Vancouver. We are happy to help you find a solution, whether that be through relining or through converting your partial dentures to complete dentures. Your comfort and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us. So please do not hesitate to book a consultation today!