Dr. Majid AfrasiabifarGeneral Dentist

Dr. Majid Afrasiabifar graduated in 1995 from the Azad University of Medical Sciences located in Tehran, Iran. He has practiced dentistry in Iran for over 14 years, owning and operating his own dental office. He received his professional affiliation with the Iranian Medical Council during this time. In 2014, he received his MBA certificate accredited by Oxford University.

To advance his career, he moved to Canada in 2016 and cleared all NDEB equivalency exams in November 2019, receiving his license as a general dentist shortly after. Dr. Majid has a great passion for dentistry, with vast experience dealing with various dental aspects of dentistry such as root canal therapy, oral surgery, restoration, fixed and removable prosthesis, and pediatrics.

He enjoys the challenge of providing quality family dentistry in a comfortable and friendly environment. Dr. Majid is happy to help Greenwoods Dental with their patients in need of difficult extractions and wisdom teeth.